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Class lecture

Developing communication skills for your future

Here you will find information and support materials for my classes, additional information for English language courses and skill based courses taught in English, language learning resources, and other language learning related activities. Also you will find an overview of some of the international and language activities for Japanese students at the Faculty of Agriculture of Kagawa University.
GOALS: While we focus on language acquisition, we also help you to build skills that are applicable to your future lives using the English language as the medium to help you develop new skills.

Skills focus

  • Academic Presentation skills
    • Poster presentations
    • Powerpoint presentations
    • Academic reading
    • Academic writing
  • Computer skills
    • MS Powerpoint
    • MS Word
  • Job hunting skills
    • Interviewing skills
    • Self-promotion

For the official course information, please refer to the the Faculty of Agriculture Syllabus.