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Summary: 2019 JICA Training Program for Japanese Descendants

The 2019 JICA Training Program for Japanese Descendants (December 1 – December 26, 2019) was successfully completed.

Five participants, three from Argentina and two from Brazil, were accepted to the program. They arrived in Yokohama, Japan  on December 1 for an orientation week which included basic Japanese language training to acclimatize them to Japan. Following that, on December 8, they shifted to Takamatsu, Japan for the main part of the training program organized by the Faculty of Agriculture and the International Office of Kagawa University.

Between December 9 and December 25, they studied about how to make a successful food business in their home countries. Studies included specialized lectures on food science, food safety, business planning and marketing skills, the role of fusion food in the globalized world, company visits to study udon making, restaurant planning and business models that have been successful and specialized cooking skills.







On December 26, the participants returned to their home countries.


The program organizers, Assoc. Prof. Peter Lutes of the Faculty of Agriculture, and Assoc. Prof. Toru Takamizu, would like to thank the participants for joining this program.  The success the program depended on the efforts, cooperation and hard work of the participants:

Mr. Arakaki, Lucas Martin
Mr. Cavalcanti Yoshida, Rafael Mitsuru
Ms. Dominguez Iino, Josefina Maria Amanda
Mr. Ishikawa, Leonardo
Mr. Kado, Maximiliano Kenji

The organizer would also like to thank JICA for supporting the program, the cooperating companies and organizations and the other program instructors:

Cooperating companies and organizations

Mr. Toshihiko Hirai
Hirai Food and Drink System Inc.

Mr. Masaaki Kagawa
Sanuki Noodle Co., Ltd.

Ms. Kinuko Sogo
Wakaba Cooking School

Mr. Cyril Defustel
Café de Mistral

Program Instructors :

Prof. Osamu KAWAMURA
Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University

Prof. Masahiro OGAWA
Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University

Assoc. Prof. Lina YONEKURA
Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University

Thank you for your participation, cooperation and support.

Program Leader
Assoc. Prof. Peter LUTES
Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University

Program Supervisor 
Assist. Prof. Toru TAKAMIZU
International Office, Kagawa University