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Current Research

Developmental Education: English language for training & work skills

Duration: 2 years (April 2020 – March 2022)

Locations: Cambodia, Japan

Focus: This project will focus on Cambodian Training Centers and Cambodian universities to:

• investigate the needs of English language needs and aspirations for future studies of English language learners
• investigate the needs of educators in terms of pedagogical support and training materials support, particularly at the RTCs
• develop a materials support system that relies on upfront, low cost, low maintenance technology in Cambodia, supported by open source teaching material developed specifically designed to meet needs in Cambodia, and hosted (initially) on a web server in Japan.

While this program is language learning focused, once completed it may serve as a model for reducing barriers faced by Cambodia youth in other key areas, such as technical or scientific training.


Cambodia: Seeking collaborators currently employed as educators or administrators at universities with technical programs (EFL/ESP) and Regional Training Centers (RTCs) .

International: Seeking EFL/ESP educators that would like to contribute and or design open source teaching materials in cooperation with the P.I.

More information is available on the Project Webpage.

This project is supported by the Takahashi Industrial Economic Research Foundation (高橋産業経済研究財団).