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International English Practicum

Welcome to the International English Practicum webpage. These classes are joint classes for 1st – 4th students.


There are 4 elective classes for each year, 2 classes in spring and 2 classes in the fall.

Term / 開講学期Course CodeCourse Name
1Spring / 前期491114(特)国際英語演習ⅠS
1Spring / 前期491115(特)国際英語演習ⅠS
1Fall / 後期491122(特)国際英語演習ⅠF
1Fall / 後期491125(特)国際英語演習ⅠF
2Spring / 前期491134(特)国際英語演習ⅡS
2Spring / 前期491135(特)国際英語演習ⅡS
2Fall / 後期491142(特)国際英語演習ⅡF
2Fall / 後期491145(特)国際英語演習ⅡF
3Spring / 前期491154(特)国際英語演習ⅢS
3Spring / 前期491155(特)国際英語演習ⅢS
3Fall / 後期491162(特)国際英語演習ⅢF
3Fall / 後期491165(特)国際英語演習ⅢF
4Spring / 前期491174(特)国際英語演習ⅣS
4Spring / 前期491175(特)国際英語演習ⅣS
4Fall / 後期491182(特)国際英語演習ⅣF
4Fall / 後期491185(特)国際英語演習ⅣF

English Practicum (特)国際英語演習
International English Practicum courses focus on developing English language skills according to student interest and goals. Students are encouraged and supported in developing independent learning skills to direct their own language learning.

More information

Please refer to the syllabus of the appropriate year and term for more information:



Student message
Nakayama Eri, 3rd year

Student message
Fujita Takeru, 2rd year

Student message
Horiuchi Hinako, 2rd year

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