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List 10 Quizzes

Opening SOON!

Here you can find short quizzes to help you remember Academic Word List 10.

Short Quizzes

List 10. 1-10

List 10. 11-20

List 10. 21-30

List 10. 31-40

List 10. 41-50

List 10. 51-60

Long Quizzes

List 10 ALL (60 questions)

List 10 Mixed Words 1 (30 words)

List 10 Mixed Words 2 (30 words)

About the quizzes: The quizzes are based on the definitions in the online Macmillan Dictionary, which is a free resource. It offers many clear, and consise definitions. For this class, common definitions that related to what you are likely to find in an academic journal were chosen. Please look at these quizzes as a first step.