International Symposium of Mycotoxicology in Kagawa 2003


Takamatsu City Life-Long Learning Center, Kagawa, Japan

November 3-5, 2003


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Interested participants are invited to submit one-page abstract for papers and posters by not later than 31st August to the Symposium Secretariat. The members of organizing committee will evaluate the abstracts.

Instructions for abstracts

 (Please see example Abstract .pdf)

u      Abstract must be written in English.

u      Use 12 point font (preferably Times New Roman Font) only.

u      Type the title of the abstract in capitals in upper case, followed by the authors’ names and address on a separate line

u      Where there is more than one author, the name of the person giving the presentation should be underlined.

u      Leave one line before typing the body of the text. Text should be single spaced.

u      Abstracts not complying with the above rules or which are unsuitable for reproduction may not be accepted or publication.

u      Abstracts should be received by August 31, 2003


Instruction for manuscripts for publication

(Please refer authors manual in recent issue of Mycotoxins or Home page)

u      Speakers in the Symposium Session should submit the original and two copies of each manuscript (A4 size), including table and figures. The manuscript should not occupy more than 12 manuscript pages including tables, figures and references. Presenters in the Poster session are also encouraged to submit the original and two copies of manuscript of less than 8 (eight) manuscript pages, including tables, figures and references. Authors also requested to submit FD or CD-R which contains text file of the manuscripts (Windows compatible, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and RTF file prefer)


u      Manuscripts should be typewritten in English, typed on one side of the paper with 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins for 4 side and double spacing (24 lines per page). Authors not familiar to English are advised to have their manuscript checked by native speaker of English. Every page of the manuscript, including the title page, reference, tables, etc. should be numbered.


u      Manuscripts should be organized in the following order:



Name(s) of author(s)

Full address(es) of affiliations

Running title not exceeding 45 characters including spaces

Full fax no. and e-mail address of the corresponding author

Keywords (3-5 words)

Abstract (maximum: 250 words

Main body of the text



Tables and/or Figures

Legends to figures


u      Subtitles in the main body of the text should written in bold or large character to be clearly identified as subtitles.


u      Nomenclature

Names of chemical compounds should conform to the International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry nomenclature and biochemical term to those of the International Union of Biochemistry. Trade names or proprietary names should be avoided.


u      Measurements, signs and symbols

Units of measurements should be metric system and numerals should be Arabic. Omit periods after units of measurement and do not use plural, e.g. km, m, dm, cm, mm, μm, nm, Å, cm2, L, ml, kg, g, mg, μg, %, v/v, mp, oC, pH, N, M, mM, D, L, DL(structural arrangement), [α] (specific rotation), O-, m-, p-, d(dextrose)-, l(levo)- etc. Please us µg/kg and mg/kg instead of ppb or ppm and also “x g” should be used instead of “rpm” for centrifuge.


u      Tables

Authors should notice the limitations set by the size and lay-out of the book (B5, 14cm x 20cm). Large tables should be avoided. Each table should be typewritten with brief and self-explanatory title on a separate page of the manuscript. If any footnotes are required, use alphabetical superscripts, such as *1, *2 etc.


u      Figures

Figures should be designed, keeping in mind the size of the book (B5, 14cm x 20cm). The cost of printing in color must be paid by the author. Titles and legends to the figures should be typed on a separate sheet. If any footnotes are required, use alphabetical superscripts, such as *1, *2 etc. Figures will not be returned to authors.


u      References

All publications cited in the text should be given in a list in the References section. References should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are cited in the text by means of numerical superscript, such as 1), 2,3),  3-5,7). The list should be arranged so that the entries are in numerical order. In the case of publication in any language other than English, a notion such as “(in Japanese)” or “(in Japanese with English abstract)” should be added. 


The following styles should be used:

1.             Published book - author, title, (year), publisher, location

                Smith, J.E., Moss, M.O.: Mycotoxins, Formation, analysis and significance, (1985), John Wiley & Sons Ltd.,Chichester, UK


2.                          Chapter of book - authors, name of book, (editor(s)), pages (year), publisher, location

Frisvad, J.C., Thrane, U.: Introduction to food-borne fungi @ (eds. Samson, R.A., Hoeskstra, E.S., Frisvad, J.C., Filtenborg, O.), pp.251-260 (1995), Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Baarn, The Netherlands


3.                          Journal article - authors, year, title, journal, volume, pages,

Chow, L-P., Tsugita, A., Sugiura, Y., Ueno, Y.: Mycotoxins, 43, 37-41 (1966)


u      Submission

Manuscript should be submitted not later than November 4, 2003 to the Secretariat


u      Offprint (No cover only)

Offprint is available by order. Please order and pay when you submit your manuscript.


Symposium session   : ¥6,000 for first 50 copies and ¥1,000 each additional 50 copies.

Poster session       : ¥4,500 for first 50 copies and ¥1,000 each additional 50 copies.