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Welcome to Applied Microbiology and Enzume Chemistry Laboratory

We are studying on extractraction of various sugars from biomass resources and conversion them using fermentation and enzymatic reaction to produce novel functional sugars such as oligosaccharides and rare sugars with high added value. Various functionalities are being discovered in these sugars, such as suppression of elevated blood glucose levels, anti-obesity, anti-oxidation, immunostimulating, prebiotics and calcium absorption promoting effects. We are welcome you join us in our sugar research. We are also engaged in research that can contribute to solving environmental and regional problems by utilizing biotechnological techniques such as recycling of udon wastes and inheritance of traditional fermented tea. Study Keywords are follows; rare sugar, D-allulose, D-allose, oligosaccharide, nigerose, xylobiose, fermentation, enzyme reaction, functional food, prebiotics, lactic acid bacteria, udon, awa-bancha tea.

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