Since 2002, more than 250 students from 15 countries have successfully completed the Master’s Course (MSc), and More than 80% of those students have successfully completed the Doctoral Course (PhD). Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in industry and academia.

A profile of success: 

 Kwakye Alexandra Obenewaa, MSc
Current Doctoral Course Candidate
Supervisor:  Prof. OGAWA Masahiro, PhD (Food Protein Laboratory)

Student’s Message: The AAP master program is a unique master program created by the Shikoku Consortium of Universities in Japan for students from Asia, Pacific, and Africa. All courses are taught in English, and you are expected to submit a thesis at the end of the program in English as well. Prior to coming to Japan, I had very limited understanding of the Japanese language and culture. However, I was given the opportunity to study Japanese language and culture in both the “Sanuki Program” and “Japanese for Survival Classes”. Japanese is not a pre-requisite for the AAP master program, but knowledge of it will help you navigate this land of the Rising Sun.

 As you are considering this program to further your knowledge in your field of interest, be prepared to fail. A lot. In your research journey, there will be times that things will not go according to your plan. When that happens, just regroup, and ask for help. All the staff (especially your supervisor) and fellow students over here are willing to help you in the best way they can. Be sure to take risks ─ you will never know what you may find. ​

Also, strive to make time for yourself (mentally and physically) and achieve some sort of balance with your work and life. In fact, balance cannot totally be achieved, because sometimes you need to put in more hours than expected for your project. In any case, try to live in harmony with your work and your personal life. As the saying goes, “All work and no play…”.​

   Lastly, I would like to ask, “Why are you here?”. This is a question you should continuously ask yourself throughout your period of study. “In the end, what skills do you want to develop?”. My professor asked me to identify the skills I want to develop at the end of everything. I am thankful he did because it keeps ringing in my ear and helps me to make the right choices. Congratulations in advance for choosing this wonderful program! ​