Tuition & living costs

Guide to Kagawa University for International Students

Fee(Examination fee, Admission fee and Tuition fee)+Tuition fee waivers 


Living & Life support

  Assistance is provided for international students by Supporters for the first month after arrival. Supporters and Tutors are either Japanese students or senior international students. Besides assisting new international students to check into the dorms on the day of arrival. Supporters also provide help in daily needs (shopping, taking public transport, etc.), and official documentation in the city hall, in addition to opening bank accounts and applying for mobile phones. 

 Tutors takes over from the second month onwards, helping international students with academic matters. Tutors are normally assigned for up to one year, and if necessary, the assigned period may be extended depending on the situation. ​

(1)  International student dormitory / private apartment  ​

International student dormitory ​ ​

A few international students of Faculty of Agriculture are living in Hanazono Dormitory, but because they are a little far away, most international students live in apartments around the Faculty of Agriculture. 

The monthly living expenses of the average international student are shown below​

Item JPY/month 
Rent Room ¥25,000 
Light, heating and water utility costs ¥10,000 
Smartphone costs ¥5,000 
Miscellaneous ¥10,000 
Total ¥80,000 

(2) Insurance costs

Item JPY 
National Health Insurance ¥20,000/year 
Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education
and Research 
Supplementary Personal Accident Insurance of Students
Pursuing Education and Research 
Total ¥32,220/year