Arrival & Departure

The Sakura Science Program has guidelines and requirements for the program for greeting and seeing off the participants: As such:


Sunday, November 5 at Kansai International Airport (KIX)

As we have informed you, the program organizer will meet you on Sunday, November 5 at Kansai International Airport. You have to pay your transportation costs to Takamatsu, and your hotel fee (if your hotel requires it upon check in).

Please prepare enough money for the transport to Takamatsu by train and bus (about ¥7,000), dinner money (¥1,000 – ¥3,000) and train fare to the school on Monday (¥500) .

A student will guide from the airport, to Takamatsu.
According to your arrival time you will go to Takamatsu in groups by bus and train. You will be guided by a student. After we have received your final flight schedules we will provide more information. We recommend a hotel near Kawaramachi Station. Hotels in the area will be the most economical, Kawaramachi Station are the most convenient location for your visit. Please refer to the Accommodations Page for more information.

Please note: you may have to wait at (KIX) for other participants to arrive so that you may travel to Takamatsu in a group. We will do our best to match your schedules to minimize waiting time. However, we ask that you be patient if you have to wait. Please book/reserve early as prices are likely to increase.

If there are people that arrive too late to take a bus, the organizer will take you to Takamatsu by University Van.


Friday, November 10, from the Faculty of Agriculture

According to the requirements of JST and Sakura Science, the organizers MUST see you off on Saturday, November 11 at Kansai International Airport (KIX).

Therefore, after the final presentation on Friday, November 10, you will take a bus and train guided by the organizer to RINKUTOWN.

  • You MUST depart with the organizer as a group on November 10, and take a hotel in Rinkutown on the night of November 10. On Oct 11, you MUST go to KIX with the organizer. These are JST Sakura Science requirements.
  • Your flight must leave Japan from Kansai International Airport and cannot go to any other airport in Japan (i.e. Haneda International Airport or Narita International Airport, etc.)

You must stay at a hotel in RINKUTOWN on the night of Friday, November 10. Please book/reserve early as it is a weekend (Friday) and prices are likely to increase.

List of Hotels in RinkuTown: Click Here.

Scroll down for hotels.

On the following day, you will be guided to Kansai International Airport (KIX). This is a program, requirement a you must go with the organizer to the airport. You will have to pay for your hotel, bus and train fare. These costs have been included in your living stipend, so you will not received additional money on the departure day. In addition to the hotel fee you, should prepare about ¥10,000.