Entering Japan

Before entering Japan…

Please pre-register the information required for Immigration and Customs declaration procedures via “Visit Japan Web

As you get off the plane there will be a shuttle train (free) to the main building. Just follow the crowd (other people) and get on it. There is only one destination.

After you get off the shuttle train (free) you will go to a tourist line for immigration and they will stamp your passport. Then you will go to get your suitcase. After you get your suitcase. There are digital hubs. Go there and scan your passport and the CUSTOMS Declaration QR code.

Then you can go to the customs line and show the QRcode and your passport and you can exit.

BUT if you do not prepare these digital pages, you may have to line up for a longtime. After you go through customs, you need to exit the area. You cannot return. I will wait for you at the exit.

Welcome to Japan!

YOU CHECK about a SIM card for Japan in your home country because it is probably cheaper to buy before you come to Japan. If you did not get one you can buy one from the machine on the first floor (but they are expensive) just get one for a few days and then you can get a better local plan after you are in Japan.