Research Area:Biological Molecular Chemistry

Research Specialization: Rare sugar organic chemistry

Name: KONG , Lingbing

Keywords:sugars, rare sugars, organic chemistry, sugar transporters

Recent Research

1.Rare sugar production

We use organic chemistry to strengthen rare sugar production with a combinational technology of sugar enzymology and sugar chemistry

2 Functional analysis of sugar transporters

We analyse sugar transporters, especially those related to rare sugars, with single-molecule electrical channel recording to allow functional analysis and development of novel therapeutics.


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・Chemical polyglycosylation and nanolitre detection system enables single-molecule recapitulation of bacterial sugar export, Nature Chemistry, 8, 461-469, 2016, Lingbing Kong, Andrew Almond, Hagan Bayley and Benjamin G. Davis
・An antibacterial vaccination strategy based on a glycoconjugate containing the core lipopolysacchride tetrasaccharide Hep 2 Kdo 2 Nature Chemistry, 8, 242-249, 2016, Lingbing Kong, Balakumar Vijayakrishnan Michael Kowarik Jin Park, Alexandra N Zakharova Larissa Neiwert Amirreza Faridmoayer and Benjamin G.Davis
・Single molecule interrogation of a bacterial sugar transporter allows the discovery of an
extracellular inhibitor, Nature Chemistry, 5, 651-659, 2013, Lingbing Kong, Leon Harrington, Qiuhong Li, StephenCheley, Benjamin G. Davis and Hagan Bayley