Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture. Located in a nearby, quite suburb, of Takamatsu, Kagawa (Miki-Town), the faculty of Agriculture as much to offer to our students, not only in education and research, but also in the learning environment, lifestyle and the “Japan Experience”.

We invite you to discover us and learn more about the opportunities offered at the faculty of Agriculture of Kagawa University.

The current Faculty of Agriculture of Kagawa University, established in 1949 and responsible for undergraduate education, is one of six faculties that constitute Kagawa National University Corporation (also referred to as Kagawa University). 

However, we have a much longer history, beginning as the Kagawa School of Agriculture, established in 1903, wasas one of the first agricultural training institutions in Japan. It was committed to developing and utilizing a scientific approach and the newest techniques to advance agriculture in Japan. Over the years the school grew and adapted to meet the changing demands of agriculture, culminating with its integration with Kagawa University in 1955 as the Faculty of Agriculture.

Since then, changes in agriculture have accelerated and many new and exciting technologies and fields of study have emerged. While the Faculty of Agriculture has continued to grow and develop to meet these challenges, the commitment to advancing agriculture, laid down in 1903, remains strong.

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