Biological Molecular Chemistry Course

The Bioresource & Functional Chemistry Course focuses on essential knowledge and application of various chemical substances with biological functions, and on developing an understanding of the chemistry and biology of various ecosystems.

This course aims at developing student understanding of biological functions of physical phenomena, and teaching fundamental knowledge for the efficient utilization of diverse bioresources. Particular emphasis is placed on ways to find biologically derived chemicals that have useful functions, chemical techniques to elucidate how such substances are generated and achieve such functions, and intelligent ways of using biomass as reproduction resources.

Organisms produce a wide variety of molecules (organic compounds) and use these molecules for communication with other organisms and self-defense. The Biological Molecular Chemistry Course focuses on understanding the survival strategy of organism in the natural world by the exploration, structural analysis, chemical synthesis and analysis of action mechanism of these molecules, and aims at development of human resources who can offer useful molecules or the technique and information in conjunction with the molecules in the diverse fields such as agriculture, medicine and food.

This course provides the educational program consisting of lectures and experiments to learn the following things:

  1. Essential knowledge to understand various functions and abilities of organisms at the molecular level
  2. Fundamental and practical skills to develop the effective usage of bioresources

     3. Important knowledge, techniques and methods to handle and analyze various chemical substances

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