Food Science Course

Students understand and get knowledge the various functions of foods and food ingredients for enhancing preference and maintaining human health. Therefore, you will study on the following three subjects. (1) Functionality of Food: It will be lectured chemically and nutritionally through the classes of “Food Chemistry”, “Food Protein Chemistry” and “Nutritional Biochemistry”. Super-aging society in Japan needs various information on functional foods. (2) Food Safety: it is main topic of “Food Hygiene”, “Food Microbiology”, and “Biodefense Science” classes, in which students understand about the current issues of various risks from toxic chemicals and harmful microorganisms, and then know how to improve food safety. Knowledge on risk assessment and hazard prevention methods are essential to be understood. (3) Food Processing and Preference: these are mainly taught in the classes of “Food Physical Chemistry,” “Food Processing,” “Functional Properties in Food Products,” and “Applied Enzymology.” Through sensory tests, physical tests, etc., students learn how to make process foods, giving highly functional nutrients and highly palatable sensation. This course program provides a wide range of curriculum in basic and practical subjects and experiments/practical training (including factories tours and visiting research institutes).

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