Food Production | Horticultural Science | Environmental and Ecological Sciences

Biological Molecular Chemistry | Plant Science | Life Science and Biotechnology | Food Science


Food Production

■ Breeding research for improvement of rice quality

■ Developmental morphology of crops on yield improvement

■ Anatomy of the digestive system of livestock poultry

■ Improved use of livestock poultry by nutritional management

■ Environment adjustment of livestock facilities

■ Analysis on mechanism of meteorological disasters

■ Elucidation of the fine environmental conditions in cultivation

■ Business management on development of local agriculture


Horticultural Science

■ Growth regulation and characterization of vegetables

■ Growth control of horticultural crops by the light environment

■ Breeding and trait evaluation of fruit tree resources

■ Studies on fertility of fruit trees

■ Mechanism of morphogenesis of flowers and ornamental plants

■ Genetic resource and breeding of garden plants

■ Micropropagation of garden plants

■ Aging physiology of garden plants for freshness control

■ Freshness retention during distribution and storage of fruit,

   vegetables ,and flowers


Environmental and Ecological Sciences

■ Physiological ecology and life history of terrestrial higher plants

■ Structure and function of plant communities in environment

■ Diversity of social structure and ecology of ants

■ Behavioral-ecology on correlation of insect-plant interactions

■ Studies on the mating behavior of animals

■ Studies on the adaptation of animals in fluctuating environment

■ Material circulation and biological production environment

   in coastal area

■ Environment and low production of the Seto Inland Sea

■ Environmental assessment and raw material circulation element

   in aquatic ecosystems


Biological Molecular Chemistry

■ Molecular structure and properties of surfactant and emulsifier

■ Chemistry, biosynthesis, biological activity of tree components ■ Chemistry of woody biomass

■ Plant growth sciences

■ Search for biological activity of various natural substances

■ Physiological activity of the rare sugar derivatives and

   asymmetric synthesis using amino acid derivative

■ Development and mode of action of derivatives

   from natural substances

■ Chemical studies on search, application, and synthesis of

   plant functional components

Plant Science

■ Molecular elucidation of gene and gene regulation

   in plant-microbe interactions

■ Molecular biology of plant-insect-microbe interactions

■ Physiology and biochemistry of plant cell regeneration

■ Mechanism of somatic cell mutation of higher plants

■ Biochemistry of symbiotic nitrogen fixation

■ Molecular biology of nitrogen and carbon metabolism

   of higher plants

■ Plant MAP kinase signal transduction for immunity

■ Biochemistry and molecular biology of stress responses in plant

Life Science and Biotechnology

■ Immune-enhancing and whitening effect of polysaccharides

   from marine bacteria

■ Structure and function of enzymes from extremophiles

■ Life regulation by protein phosphorylation

■ Mechanism of bacterial adaptation for environmental changes

■ Yeast gene responsible for substance production

■ Molecular mechanism of cell signal transduction

■ Elucidation of life phenomena of mushroom for application

■ Molecular biology of cellulase from microbe

Food Science

■ Emulsion adjustment and fine physical properties of food

■ Application of a protein involved in the functional food

■ Development of body-friendly food using a rare sugar

   and protein

■ Biological regulatory function of food-derived polyphenols

■ Biosynthetic enzyme of rare sugar from microbes

■ Studies on palatability and functionality of food ingredients

■ Immunological sensitive detection using antibodies of

   mycotoxins for food safety and risk management

■ Influence of diet and exercise on the in vivo metabolism

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