Where should I go?

You should go to the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University. BE CAREFUL if you use google maps because usually the first choice will be the main campus located in downtown Takamatsu. The Faculty of Agriculture is located in the suburbs in Miki town.


Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University
2393 Ikenobe, Miki, Kagawa, Japan 761-0795

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Can someone meet us at the airport/bus station?

The “official” starting point is the university on August 19 at 1;00 pm. You need to make your own arrangements to come to the university by yourself.

Should we bring our own laptop?

Yes, we recommend you bring your own laptop. In the university you will have access to our network.

Will we have Internet access in our rooms?

Yes, but the connection speed varies according to your room.

It is possible to rent a mobile internet router at the airport, or buy a SIMM card at some airports.




There are many suppliers to choose. We do not recommend a particular provider and the links here are only for your convenience and are not a recommendation of a particular provider.

Can I use my cell phone in Japan?

Yes, (depending on your carrier) but it is extremely expense. Typical charges are  300-400 JPY per minute. You should plan on using Skype, Line, Facebook or email at the university to communicate with friends and family.

Can I rent a mobile phone?

Yes, but it may also be very expensive. Please check the details.

Phones can be rented at Kansai International Airport, Narita International Airport and Haneda International Airport.  You should plan on using Skype, Line, Facebook or email at the university to communicate with friends and family. It is possible to rent an internet router at the airport (see above).

Should I bring a lab coat?


What is the weather like?

  Average High Average Low
August 31 deg Celsius 23 deg Celsius
September 27 deg Celsius 19 deg Celsius

That means in August, you can expect the temperature to be over 31 degrees Celsius on some days, and in September it starts cooling, but it is still quite hot in the daytime.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

In general, university students dress causally. However, there will be a few times that you will need to dress more formally. Men typically will wear a shirt & tie and slacks (a jacket is not necessary but you may wear one if you wish) and women, a skirt (or long slacks) and a blouse (jacket is optional.)

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