Join us and take the challenge for success!

Dean Ikuo Kataoka

Welcome to the Faculty of Agriculture of Kagawa University. Our faculty has a 100-year history, and has international-level strength in pure and applied research in bioscience and biotechnology. The strength in research is reflected in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. All undergraduate courses are taught by faculty with significant research track records.

Undergraduate degrees emphasize training in the fundamental sciences, linked to real world issues and problems. We are proud of the success and achievements of our students with our innovative teaching approach: teaching by challenging.

We introduced this new teaching system in 2006. Our system focuses on urging students to challenge their limits in developing new abilities while increasing their motivation to seek answers and solutions. Some students come to our faculty knowing exactly what they want to study. However, others like to explore all possibilities and need more experience to plan their future. We expose students to various fields in the first year and a half. This broad experience gives them the confidence in choosing a future career path.

We wish welcome you to our international campus. We have established a well-respected Graduate Program taught in English that attracts many international students from a wide variety of countries. This great diversity in students, culture, and languages contributes to the international flavor of our campus.

Please join us and take the challenge for success!

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