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  The University Farm is located about 6 km away from the the Faculty of Agriculture. Students can experience practice agricultural activities such as crop farming, livestock feeding, and green-house culturing. In particular, the University Farm focuses on three educational areas: (1) practical farming education for students, (2) research activites under the direction of teachers and technical staff, and (3) farm management. University Farm Founded in 1958, the 17 hectare farm has undergone many changes. Originally, the farm was used for livestock management and as a tea and orchid plantation. Today, it is now comprised of four distinct divisions: crop science, livestock production, pomology, and olericulture-floriculture. The University Farm is also used for agricultural research. One notable success of the University Farm is the unique research activity to breed a new grape for wine. Professor Ryosuke Mochioka is the lead researcher for this project. A Japanese wild grape was crossed with a high-quality edible grape of European origin (‘Muscat of Alexandria’), and then a new line was selected from the progeny. The selected line is well adapted to hot and humid climate of Kagawa area and is promising for high-quality red wine production. To Japanese Homepage

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