Kagawa International Forum on Genomics

The Center for Genome and Gene Resource of the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University International Symposium

Date:30th January, 2023 Monday

Time:9:30 am to 5:00 pm

Venue: Kagawa International Conference Hall

Invited Lectures:

■Symbiotic megaplasmid in Bradyrhizobium sp. DOA9 (pDOA9): Cheating tool for being survivor

■Capturing Low Abundant Microbial Dark Matter using Single Cell Sorting and Genomics

■Survival strategy with genetic diversification of plant viruses

■Vacuolar membrance ~A new world of transportation~

■Understanding quorum sensing-dependent gene regulation in Ralstonia pseudosolacearum strain OE1-1

Research Report:

■Genetic dissection of autoimmunity emerged with disruption of defense-related MAP kinase pathway in Arabidopsis

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