Two researchers from Thailand have completed their overseas research at the Marine Environmental Studies Lab

September – December 2022
Marine Environmental Studies Lab
, Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University

Ms. Jidapa Komklang (Bow), a lecturer at Mahidol University, and Ms. Anutsara Yottiam (Meiji), a doctoral student at Chulalongkorn University, stayed at the Marine Ecosystem Studies Lab (Prof TADA Kuninao, Prof. ICHIMI Kazuhiko and Assoc.Prof. YAMAGUCHI Hitomi), Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University as overseas researchers for 90 days.

Bow graduated Chulalongkorn University, then went on to the Graduate School at Kagawa University and received her PhD degree from the United Graduate School of Ehime University in 2017. This time she came to Japan under JASSO’s “Follow-up Research Fellowship for Former International Students”. She conducted research on biophilic elements and heavy metal concentrations in surface muds in coastal waters where aquaculture is prevalent.

Meiji came to Japan under the overseas research fellowship program of Chulalongkorn University. She conducted research on arsenic and organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus concentrations in bottom sediments in the Gulf of Thailand.

They had a hard time in their research, but it was wonderful time for both of them and our undergraduate and graduate students of the Lab. to live and work together.

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