1st Trilateral Symposium on SDGs: Satellite Online Session: Sustainability & Food

The 1st Trilateral Symposium of Chiang Mai University, National Chiayi University, Kagawa University on SDGs was hosted on-line by Kagawa University. The Satellite Online Session: Sustainability & Food, was hosted by the Faculty of Agriculture and was a great success.

Moved to an online format because of the coronavirus global pandemic, the Faculty of Agriculture hosted the Sustainability & Food Session online on August 31st (14:00 to 17:20 Japan time). Nine (9) researchers from each of the 3 universities introduced their research in various fields.


From the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University, Dr. Kong, Dr. Hanaki, and Dr. Mizuta made presentations. A total of 63 people (including 14 students) participated in the Food Session and exchanged information. We would like to express our deep gratitude to the teachers and related parties for their cooperation.

Next year (2022), the 2nd face-to-face joint symposium of 3 universities is scheduled at Kagawa University. I hope that this session of the Faculty of Agriculture will lead to further promotion of joint research among the three universities.

オンライン第1回3大学合同シンポジュウム(Trilateral Symposium on SDGs)の農学部セッションが開催


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